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How the pandemic now ends – The Atlantic

As we anxiously anticipate what this winter brings, some are already looking towards what to expect in 2022.  It is safe to say, we’re best off preparing for the possibilities but it is equally important to live for today.  The Boy Scouts motto still applies.  With more Covid vaccines receiving formal FDA approvals in the weeks to come- which means Big Pharma is no longer exempt from liability, there should be an uptick in vaccinations across the land.  All eyes will remain on our schools as they work through outbreaks and quarantines as winter approaches.

Presently, there are over 200+ school districts in California waiting to implement the California Department of Public Health covid-19 testing program for students and staff.  Testing is one more important tool in containing this virus and ultimately, suppressing it.  CA is conducting 250,000 tests daily and this number will only increase in the months to come.

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CDC Guidance for Fall

As of June 30, 80.5% of SCCSIG’s Kaiser members over the age of 12 have received at least one vaccination shot. We will continue to monitor progress towards our members inoculation from Covid-19.  From the article below, it appears the discussion around masking will continue for school districts especially given the State of CA’s most recent position to push masking policies down to the local county level.  With the spike in Covid infection rates driven primarily by the Delta variant, experts maintain that vaccination remains the most effective tactic to suppress this pandemic.  Over 90% of those infected recently have not been vaccinated and for those who have been, any symptoms have been mild and short, avoiding hospitalization. The SCCSIG encourages its members to discuss with their physicians the effectiveness of vaccinations for them and their dependents.  We anticipate results of vaccine trials for the under 12 population to be released later this year. 

Vaccine 2nd Dose Side Effects

With the eligibility for vaccinations extended to all down to 16 years of age last week, these questions will be asked more and more:  what is a normal reaction after the first shot?  What about after the 2nd jab?  Some answers can be found here:

SAN FRANCISCO — As more people are eligible to get vaccinated, reports of side effects after the second Pfizer and Moderna shots are surfacing. Dr. Robert Wachter, chief of medicine at UCSF says many …


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Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution News

Covid-19 vaccinations are progressing in the right direction.  These numbers are climbing rapidly and should accelerate higher and quicker come April.  As of 3/24, California is solidly at 14% fully vaccinated, right at the national average and with 27% of Californians getting at least 1 shot, slightly above the national average of 25.7%.  We will keep track of vaccinations here until the pandemic is declared over. ( This dashboard, through USA Today, is sourced from the CDC.)

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