CDC Guidance for Fall

As of June 30, 80.5% of SCCSIG’s Kaiser members over the age of 12 have received at least one vaccination shot. We will continue to monitor progress towards our members inoculation from Covid-19.  From the article below, it appears the discussion around masking will continue for school districts especially given the State of CA’s most recent position to push masking policies down to the local county level.  With the spike in Covid infection rates driven primarily by the Delta variant, experts maintain that vaccination remains the most effective tactic to suppress this pandemic.  Over 90% of those infected recently have not been vaccinated and for those who have been, any symptoms have been mild and short, avoiding hospitalization. The SCCSIG encourages its members to discuss with their physicians the effectiveness of vaccinations for them and their dependents.  We anticipate results of vaccine trials for the under 12 population to be released later this year. 


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