Effective May 15, 2022, the Santa Clara County Schools’ Insurance Group (SCCSIG) will only respond to public records requests made via hard copy letters.  Such requests should be addressed to the SCCSIG Office Manager and provide your name, the organization with whom you are associated, and your phone number so SCCSIG can verify your request.  After your request is verified, SCCSIG shall mail hard copies of any available records to your verified address.  Appropriate charges will be assessed as necessary for expenses incurred in responding to your request.

Given the increasing number of cyber-attacks and fraudulent on-line activities, SCCSIG is taking these steps to ensure the protection of public data and information.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Santa Clara County Schools’ Insurance Group
645 Wool Creek Drive San Jose, California 95112
Phone: (408) 283-6230
Fax: (408) 283-6231

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Santa Clara County Schools Insurance Group Team

Overall JPA Business Questions
Tien Phan, Executive Director
Email: tphan@sccsig.org
Telephone: (408) 283-6232

Ergonomics/Website/General Questions
Jackie Guevara, Administrative Assistant
Email: jguevara@sccsig.org
Telephone:  (408) 283-6233

Workers’ Compensation/Safety/Ergonomics Questions
Michael Schiller, Senior Principal of Member Services
Email: mschiller@sccsig.org
Telephone:  (925) 321-5379

Workers’ Compensation/Safety/Ergonomics/POPP/Wellbeing Program Questions
Christina Brendle, Loss Control Manager
Email: cbrendle@sccsig.org
Telephone:  (408) 283-6237

Benefits/Wellbeing/Financial Questions
Ria Feldman, Program Manager
Email: rfeldman@sccsig.org
Telephone:  (408) 283-6235

Property & Liability Questions
Erin Tarkhanian, Principal of Member Services
Email: etarkhanian@sccsig.org
Telephone:  (408) 630-0911

Third Party Partners Emergency Contacts:

Property and Liability – Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs (ASCIP)

Website: www.ascip.org

Emergency Contact, when loss occurs (fire, water, damage, vandalism, auto accident)
Send All New Claims and Student Incident Reports to:
Email: claims_info@ascip.org
Telephone: (562) 404-8029
Fax: (562) 404-8038

Noel Waldvogel, Claims Manager
Email: Waldvogel@ascip.org
24 Hour Cellular: (916) 591-3598
Telephone: (916) 245-3523

Judy Holder, Claims Technical
Email: Holder@ascip.org
Telephone: (916) 620-7006

WE TIP Crime Reporting Hotline: 1-800-473-7301

Workers Compensation – Keenan and Associates

Website: www.keenan.com

Angela Crossley, Risk Management Analyst
Email: acrossley@keenan.com
Telephone: (408) 441-0754 ext. 6203
Fax: (408) 436-9306

Evie Camara, Workers’ Compensation Claims Manager
Email: ecamara@keenan.com
Telephone: (408) 441-0754 ext. 6116
Fax: (408) 436-9306

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