The Lost Control team assists District members in providing their staff, students and visitors a safe and healthy work and learning environment.​

Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

SB198 compliance

In accordance with SB198, the SCCSIG Team will provide solutions based on the Cal/OSHA model to streamline the process of developing a districts’ IIPP plan.

Pre-employment post-offer physical evaluations program (POPP)​

The SCCSIG made this program available to ensure applicants and transferred employees are capable of performing the essential functions of the jobs they are apply. ​POPP is for specific classified job positions and is available to all Workers’ Compensation Members FREE!

Preventative Ergonomic Evaluations​

The objective of the SCCSIG online ergonomic evaluation program is to enable users to make informed adjustments to their workspaces and decrease the likelihood of discomfort related to poor ergonomics. Consistently utilizing such a program empowers individuals to establish a more health-conscious and comfortable work setting, potentially leading to heightened productivity and an overall improved sense of well-being.

Safety Training

Member districts can submit safety training requests via the SCCSIG website and request various training topics that can be presented in various formats, i.e. in-person, online, etc. SCCSIG Staff will work to coordinate with the member district and a member of the Keenan team will field in-person trainings.

Keenan Safe Schools

Keenan SafeSchools is an online safety training and tracking system designed specifically for school employees. Unlike other safety training resources, Keenan SafeSchools is 100% school-focused content. The online training modules address safety related topics relevant to the occupational hazards that your school faculty face, instead of generic content about factory worker concerns.

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