Obtaining a P & L Certificate of Insurance

This new online system is replacing the blank PDF Certificates of Insurance that were in form
fillable format.  The online system will allow you to issue issued Certificates to third parties
requesting evidence of coverage.  Additionally, you will now be able to access Certificates
issued by ASCIP to either re-print or save onto your desktop.
The ecertsonline system can be accessed from the ASCIP Website Http://ascip.org .
Click on the banner title, “Certificates of Insurance”.  Your username is your email
address and your temporary password is ASCIP followed by the District’s MOC
number (i.e. ASCIP123).
If you have any questions or need additional assistance regarding the ecertsonline
system, please feel free to call Reshan Cooray directly at (562) 404-8029.  For
contracts and agreements that require an Additional Covered Party Endorsement,
you will still need to submit a Certificate Request Forn along with a copy of the
contract to Lopez@ascip.org or fax to (562) 404-8038.


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