Property & Liability Members Concussion & Athletics Resource Materials

Concussions in School Athletics, let’s get the word out!!!!!

Concussions in school sports of all types should be a key focus for Coaches, Parents and Student.
All too often we think this could never happen to my child, but it does more often than we would like or know. Our School’s Insurance Group is focusing on the need to educate coaches, nurses, parents and students about the risk of concussions and the need to develop a reasonable, intelligent action plan if one of our students suffers a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
(Click on the video in the webpage to see the effect of a blow to the head.)
We have developed a resource thumb drive for our Property and Liability members that will assist in the education of coaches, parents, and student with regard to TBI. We have pulled valuable resources together from the CDC, CIF and a National PRIMA webinar for our schools to use.  We need to ensure
that we not only exceed our legal obligation, but more importantly keep our student safe. Thumb drives will be delivered soon, but you may contact me to expedite your delivery. Every coach, parent and student-athlete should take the time to watch Brandon’s story.
We appreciate your efforts in keeping our student safe and are always an email or a phone
call away if you would like our assistance.
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